South Africa

1     Let’s roll !

2     Can we take our family to the bush after that ? Hell yes !

3     We just got a house for Christmas !


5     Flooding in the desert!

4     How do you grow grapes in the desert ?

6     Mountains of salt in the desert !

7     Bushmen’s poison

8     The Epupa falls in our glasses

9     If we were a Himba tribe

10     Van Zyl’s Pass: we were told to stay away from it!

12    60 tons falling from the sky

13     What is wet doesn’t fear the rain

11     When a dry river bed is not so dry anymore…

14     My bow, my arrows…. I’m ready to go to school !

15     Where are we gonna sleep tonight ?

22     Bush mechanic


16     A hyena at school

17     Elephants in our dormitory

21     The lions’ lullabies

18     Deadly ballet

19     An island in the desert

20     A birthday party in the Kalahari


23     The smoke that thunders

24     A danger can hide another

25     At school with the orphans

26     Make it happen !

27     Feels like home


28     Wanna feed a baby buffalo with us ?

29     Great Zimbabwe, palace of a king and his 200 wives


30     After km’s of dust, comes the km’s of white sand !