1 - copie

How to choose the perfect trailer ? Well, if you want to take it off the beaten tracks, you want it strong, very strong ! And as light and small as possible, but with a maximum of packing space. Stop looking, we found it : it’s the Metallian Midi. Heinz Modriky and his team did a hell of a job on ours : she’s ready for any tough stuff the tracks are going to throw at us ! They gave us very good advices (what to change, how to make it stronger…) and we know we can rely on them should we have any problem ! Thanks again to Heinz and all the Metalian team !

Les petits baroudeurs

Where to find a very warm sleeping bag for kids, warm clothes and technical equipment for your little ones ? I didn’t find anything I wanted in South Africa… Check out “les petits baroudeurs”, they have everything you will need to take your kids for real adventure ! We already bought 4 sleeping bags and slept outside with only 3 degrees, but everybody was warm (including our 1 year old baby). They have great advices, plus, they ship anywhere in the world ! 

Logo camp cover

A 360° view from the tent: perfect for elephant, hyenas and other beautiful neighbors sighting! The waterproofing of the tent roof has been “upgraded” (as decided during a heavy rain night in the Blyde River Canyon). Customized storage pouches and bags, wheel covers & bin, you name it, they’ll make it for you.

Serowe Canvas & tents.jpg

We are now protected against predators: Serowe has done our tent extension sides; the result is outstanding and the prices are very competitive (cheaper than in South Africa). The team has a lot of positive energy, and their products are 1000% from Botswana.