Our trailer

The first time we set our foot in a South African campsite, we arrived with a small tent, 2 blowing mattresses (for 4) and slipping bags. That’s it. According to the french standards, we were well equipped… When we pitched the tent next to a 4×4 trailer, we were a bit curious. We saw them unfold everything and soon we were sitting next to a real house, with a proper kitchen, including a stove, oven, microwave and kettle ! Our tent looked pretty dumb compared to that ! So I told my husband : that’s it, either I will never go camping again or we get one of those.

It took us 2 years to look around and choose the trailer of our dream ! As we will be traveling through remote tracks, sand, mud and rocks, we need something very strong, yet light and small. We need as much packing space as possible (with 4 young kids) but don’t want to tow a huge monster.

We settled on the Metallian Midi.

We’ve taken it on 3 test drives through southern Namibia, on the Orange river and to the Kruger and Swaziland. So far, we’ve had nothing to complain about !

She’s our little house on wheel and the kids have adopted her !