Our horse

“What’s the difference between a Fortuner and a Land Cruiser ?”
“300 000 rands!”

No need for us to ask more questions… our decision was taken! To the aliens we were, Fortuners were unheard of (they don’t exist in France), but this answer of the South African car dealer made it very clear, this was the car to try out.

It was our lucky day, there was a very good deal. The car was scratched almost everywhere and it was a petrol one. But the price tag made it all.

4 years and 75000 kms later, we can tell you she is a real 4×4. Don’t let her urban look turn you down; she has already taken us everywhere (deep sand, gravel, rock, river, down town Cape Town 😉 )

Of course, she had all the « basics » done to make it in the bush :

  • long range fuel tank (150 liters)
  • old man emu suspensions and rear air helpers
  • protection plate under the engine
  • roof-rack with 4 jerricans, a second spare wheel, a gaz bottle, all our tools and spares, a spade and a high lift jack
  • all terrain tyres (the Discoverer ST from Cooper)

She would still need a lot more : a dual battery system, a real strong front bumper (in case we encounter an animal a bit too close), a winch, some serious front lights… and the list is long! But so far, our wallet is not willing to give in !

We’ll keep her as she stands… She only has one problem : she’s thirsty ! Her V6, 4 liter engine is very powerful, but also very « petrol demanding »… Well, I guess nothing’s perfect. We’ll just add 2 extra jerricans on the trailer then !


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